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Gift Of Hope

Has your child, or the child of someone you know, died in infancy - either recently or some time ago?

Have you, or someone you know, suffered a miscarriage, a stillbirth, a neonatal death, the death of an infant, or the death of an older child? 

Has your world, or the bereaved parent's world, crumbled and life's lost it's spark and joy?

Is waking up each day - and sleeping at night – exhausting, draining and too painful to bear?

Hi, my name is Hafizah Ismail and I am the founder of Children of Jannah.

After the death of my nephew, I felt first-hand the devastation of losing a child and the inconsolable grief which surrounded my family.

As we tried to come to terms with his loss, I had this nagging feeling that there were thousands of bereaved parents out there who like mine, were experiencing intense grief, but who didn’t have anyone to turn to.

People like you, or someone you know.

I didn’t know how to help them just yet but I knew that they needed someone who understood their grief within the context of their faith and who could help them rebuild their lives again.

The problem was that everybody around me always seemed to say that grief was something personal, that people would get over their grief, that time heals all wounds, and it was better to leave bereaved parents alone after such a tragedy as losing their child.


And although faith plays a huge part in dealing with grief...


Did you know that although the UK has one of the most advanced health systems, we have one of the highest child mortality rates in Western Europe?

That over 2000 babies a year die in the first 4 weeks of their life, that 3500 are stillborn?  

Or that 6,000 children and young people die in the UK each year?

Sadly, you or someone you know, are not alone in your loss.

Death has a huge, lasting and deeply profound effect on the parents and families of these children - we know that it leaves parents numb, shattered, heartbroken and reeling from the loss.

We know that this pain, especially when parents don’t have the appropriate support and understanding around them, can feel like being locked in a dark room forever, constantly pushing down that bubbling grief as they try to get through each day.

We know that those around them, although they express sympathy and they mean well, can’t offer the support that they need; the understanding - without judgement – and the help that they need to process their grief.  

Many bereaved parents, especially those in the Muslim community, never seek or find appropriate grief recovery support and this results in a very large number of distressed people who are in desperate need of help - to move them through their grief.



I am going to reveal how we can help you, or a grieving parent you know, move beyond the pain of child loss.


With our help, you, or someone you know, will discover that you can begin, each moment at a time, to hold your head up and face the day again.

You can realise that there are shoulders to lean on when you need them and comfort when you need it.

The information I am going to share can change a parent's life, the life of pain and confusion that they may be living right now.

It can give them hope again after the loss of their child – a life that doesn’t forget them but a life that honours their soul.


Introducing the Children of Jannah Gift Of Hope bereavement support pack.


I saw that ordinary people, particularly within the Muslim community, were suffering in their grief in silence.

I wanted to help by providing them with faith-based resources and information to comfort and soothe their souls.

So I decided to create Children of Jannah, offering grief recovery support and raising awareness of this issue and in doing so, with many other services, the Gift of Hope pack was born.

Solving and soothing distress is easier when you have the faith, skills and information needed to help bereaved parents.

All you need to do is provide families with the information and resources that they need so that they have something and someone to turn to, and you’re all set.

With our Gift of Hope support pack, you, or someone you know, can feel the comfort of faith-based grief recovery whenever it is needed.

With these packs, we can offer you, or someone you know, appropriate, genuine grief support that is rooted in the Islamic faith.




The Gift of Hope support packs comes packed with great features:


Sorrow To Serenity

12 Ways To Help A Parent Find Peace Through The Pain Of Child Loss

 – The brand new 2nd edition of Sorrow To Serenity, the acclaimed book that I wrote and which I am proud to say has helped thousands around the world, has been translated into several languages, including Arabic and Urdu (with a foreward by Dr. Farhat Hashmi, world-renowned Quran teacher at Al-Huda Institute) and distributed to many countries around the world. With over 45 colourful pages and 12 practical and positive chapters for grief healing from an Islamic perspective, Sorrow To Serenity is unrivalled in it's ability to help move parents from a point of heartbreak to a place of hope.

£10 value


A Little Book of Reminders For Grief Relief

– Solace is not only a visual delight of 40+ pages, but an ideal companion to provide comfort and calm whenever it is needed. Jam-packed with a mulitude of quotes, reminders and reflections from Muslims and non-Muslims of the past and present, as well as the best from Children of Jannah's creative team of writers, Solace is an invaluable companion, offering timeless wisdom when the intensity of grief seems too much to bear.

£8 value

Where Is My Child?

– An essential booklet by Children of Jannah for all bereaved Muslim parents, compassionately answering some of the most frequently asked questions by parents after their child or baby has died eg "Why did this happen to me?" and "Where is my child right now?"

£5 value; not sold separately

Grief, Loss & Mourning

– An informative booklet designed to educate bereaved parents about grief, loss and mourning from an Islamic perspective. Misunderstandings and misconceptions about what Islam says on important issues after the death of a Muslim, and how this guidance applies to the death of a chid, are demystified and explained in clear terms.

£5 value; not sold separately

You're Not Alone

– One of the most important and necessary publications we have put together. Parents share their thoughts and feelings on the death of their children, reducing the feeling of isolation caused by grief, and conveying one powerful, simple truth to the newly bereaved: "You. Are. Not Alone." Being able to connect with the views of other Muslim parents who have experienced the death of a child, a miscarriage or a stillbirth, is invaluable to parents who have just suffered their own devastasting loss. Real and raw views expressed.

£5 value; not sold separately

Journal & Pen

– A journal and metallic pen to encourage parents to express their feelings and emotions on paper without being judged. Because judgement is something that many people who have lost a child tell us that they experience. We find that just as in our Email Support Service, writing down emotions and thoughts is a therapeutic way for bereaved parents to process their emotions.

£7 value; not sold separately

Du'a Reminder Card

– A one-stop reference point with essential duas from the Qur’an and Sunnah providing instant relief whenever parents need it most. Often, people do not know the authentic duas to make to help in their circumstance; that worry is now over for bereaved parents with this Dua Reminder Card.

£2 value; not sold separately

Elegant Hard Box

 – An elegantly dsigned and durable hard box that keeps the Gift of Hope contents protected and in a safe place for long-lasting use.

£3 value; not sold separately

Combined value of all items is £45. However, when sold as a Gift Of Hope pack, we charge ONLY £25

What are the Benefits of a Gift Of Hope pack?

The Gift of Hope support pack will help make your life, or the life of someone you know, easier by:

Providing support that reflects the Muslim faith.

When it comes to grief, finding understanding is so important – not just understanding of the emotions of grief but understanding that takes account of the personal beliefs, culture and religion of the bereaved parent which are so integral to the way in which they live their lives and understand the death of their child. 

When grief support doesn’t account for faith and belief, it lacks the true element of peace and comfort that the bereaved person needs.

Providing a resource to turn to at any time. 

The beauty of this pack is that it can be kept and turned to at any time.

Day or night.

In the days and weeks following the loss of your child, or the loss someone else's child - or years later.

Grief has no watch or calendar - the advice and information provided inside the Gift of Hope pack is not only priceless but also timeless, as a constant source of comfort.

Explaining some of the questions you or someone you know may have about the loss of their child. 

With loss and grief comes shock, confusion, anger and the task of continuing life without a much-loved or much-longed for child.

In all of this are questions: "Why did my child died?" "Why did this happen to me?" "Where are they now?" "How can I go on?"

All examples of important questions to which the answers are vital to you or someone you know.

Explaining some of the emotions that may be experienced in grief. 

Grief is a real storm of emotions that strikes with full force and whilst it is entirely human and inevitable, it is a real mix.

From distress to anger, from outward expression to inward withdrawal, the Gift of Hope support pack will recognise those emotions and help explain why you, or someone you know, is experiencing them, thereby providing understanding and the opportunity to begin to work through each feeling. 

Giving parents a way to express their grief and turn to their faith for comfort.

Expression of grief is so important and with the Gift of Hope support pack, you or someone you know will have the opportunity to write down emotions in a way which will provide a private, personal therapeutic expression – thereby relieving some of the burden of grief.

Also included are du’as to help parents can express the way they feel to Allah (SWT) and seek His help and guidance, thereby experiencing peace in His remembrance. 



How valuable is a Gift Of Hope pack?

Well I think that is best coming from one of our parents who has purchased or been gifted a Gift of Hope pack and what it meant to them:


“The Children of Jannah Gift Of Hope Pack has helped me to come to terms with the loss of my son. It’s exactly the comfort any grieving parent needs and, what’s even better, it’s backed up with the Qur’an & Hadith. …Journeying through the box helped me move on and accept that death is a part of life that we all must face at some point in our lives; it offered me the light of the Qur’an & Sunnah, and undoubtedly, I would recommend this to anyone who has suffered child loss. It has everything you need, and more, masha Allah, and it is an initiative worthy of our support.”


We often get asked, "how do we know that the Gift of Hope support pack will really help me?"

The answer is in the words and lives of the parents who we have helped.

They tell us time and time again how they searched for information, resources, booklets which would discuss grief from an Islamic perspective, answer their questions and provide them with comfort.

Our Gift of Hope packs are exactly that – a gift which can give you or someone you know hope, hope for a time when you/they will be able to see beyond the loss, cope with the grief and move forward.


The Gift of Hope pack provides the benefit of not only addressing the subject of child loss and grief but also providing evidence and teachings from the Qur’an and hadith – thereby providing the personal, spiritual and faith-based support which is so important to so many.


With exclusive content and resources, reminders and the opportunity to write down feelings, the Gift of Hope pack is unique, precious and vital to so many who are experiencing the turmoil of grief alone.

The price of one Gift of Hope support pack is just £25.

Click on the button to begin your investment in supporting families and parents in desperate need of understanding and grief recovery support.


Thank you.