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Gift Of Hope - Gift For Someone (UK)

The Gift Of Hope - Gift For Someone pack contains many great features:

  • Sorrow To Serenity: 12 Ways To Help A Parent Find Peace Through The Pain Of Child Loss (2nd Edition)
     – With over 45 colourful pages and 12 practical and positive chapters for grief healing from an Islamic perspective, Sorrow To Serenity is unrivalled in it's ability to help move parents from a point of heartbreak to a place of hope. £10 value
  • Solace: A Little Book of Reminders For Grief Relief
    – A visual delight of 40+ pages and an ideal companion to provide comfort and calm whenever it is needed. Jam-packed with quotes, reminders and reflections, Solace offers timeless wisdom when the intensity of grief seems too much to bear. £8 value
  • Where Is My Child? (Booklet)
    – An essential booklet by Children of Jannah for all bereaved Muslim parents, compassionately answering some of the most frequently asked questions by parents after their child or baby has died. £5 value
  • Grief, Loss & Mourning (Booklet)
    – An informative booklet designed to educate bereaved parents about grief, loss and mourning from an Islamic perspective. Misunderstandings and misconceptions about what Islam says on important issues after the death of a Muslim are demystified and explained in clear terms. £5 value
  • You're Not Alone (Booklet)
    – Parents share their thoughts and feelings on the death of their children, reducing the feeling of isolation caused by grief, and conveying one powerful, simple truth to the newly bereaved: You. Are. Not Alone. £5 value
  • Journal & Pen
    – A journal and metallic pen to encourage parents to express their feelings and emotions on paper without being judged. Writing down emotions and thoughts is a therapeutic way to process emotions. £7 value
  • Dua Reminder Card
    – A one-stop reference point with essential duas from the Qur’an and Sunnah providing instant relief whenever parents need it most. £2 value
  • Elegant Hard Box
    – An elegantly designed and durable hard box that keeps the Gift of Hope contents protected and in a safe place for long-lasting use. £3 value

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