Understand the tragedy of miscarriage and the emotions that can follow.



Have you suffered a miscarriage or know someone who has?
My deepest condolences go out to you for your devastating loss.
Do you feel like no-one truly understands what it’s like to have suffered a miscarriage? That feeling of numbness?
Do you feel totally heartbroken to have carried a baby but then to be told that just like that, their life is no more? Perhaps with no reason, no explanation?
Has the joy and excitement of conceiving your baby turned into shock and a feeling of disbelief after losing your baby?
Do you wish someone could just help you? Not just say the right thing – but really help you somehow feel better?

Then please pay close attention to my next few words, because we are here to help you.

Hi, my name is Hafizah Ismail.


I am the founder of Children of Jannah.

If you feel like no-one understands the trauma of experiencing a miscarriage and the grief and sorrow you are going through, I send to you my sincere condolences and would like you to know that we are here for you. My family suffered the devastating loss of a child and I know how utterly destroying it can be.

Utterly Destroying

After the death of my nephew, I really felt that there were many parents out there consumed in their grief, alone and misunderstood.

There were couples who had each lost a unique child in different, personal circumstances, yet were feeling the same way because of the lack of understanding around them.

I didn’t know how to tackle this problem and provide them with the support and relief that they so desperately needed – but I knew it had to be done.

"Just Move On & Forget"

Everyone around me – and no doubt, everyone around you -  always says that grief is something personal, that people would get over their grief - that time heals all wounds. And miscarriage is a subject not immune to these opinions either unfortunately. 

In fact, some people say it is better to not even talk about miscarriage, almost like it had never happened – just move on and forget.


Try Again

Some people say it will be ok because you can try again or have another child – not understanding that nothing and no one can replace the child you have lost.  

There are so many different opinions and judgements about miscarriage, particularly in some communities and cultures – about how to talk about it, how not to talk about it, the supposed causes and what it means for you, the parent. 


Reality of Miscarriage

And amongst all this is also how we should treat parents who have suffered a miscarriage.

But none of these opinions are right.

None of them understand what the reality of miscarriage is.

1 in 4 Pregnancies

Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage each year in the UK?

Just think about that.

That’s a quarter of all conceptions, all those hopes and dreams for a healthy, happy baby, shattered.

Sadly, you are not alone and miscarriage is far too common and far too misunderstood.

Wounded, Betrayed, Guilty & Angry

A miscarriage is so shocking and the emotions that follow are like no other.

You can feel wounded, betrayed, guilty and angry and so consumed by sorrow and grief.

We know this – we understand that desolation and despair.

Whether your miscarriage happened in those early few weeks or later in your pregnancy – it makes no difference to the severity of what you personally experienced.

You lost a child and with that loss comes a wave of grief that can feel never-ending and a realisation of a loss of control.

Over the next few minutes I’m going to reveal... we can help you and grieving parents just like you.
You will discover that you can begin, each moment at a time, to hold your head up and face the day again.
You can realise that there are shoulders to lean on when you need them and you can believe in a life after your miscarriage.
I can show you how you can make that first step today.

Change Your Life

The information I am going to share with you can change your life, the life you are living right now which is filled with pain and confusion.

It can give you life again after the miscarriage of your much longed for baby – a life that doesn’t forget them but a life that honours their soul.

You may wonder how or why this is possible – or even if you can or should look forward to a brighter day once again. But for every moment that goes past without the right support in place for you, without someone to talk to who truly understands your miscarriage experience, is a moment of intense grief controlling you that you do not need to suffer.


We know your heart has been broken – we know that the shock has left you reeling and with questions of why, why did this happen?  

Your baby was your baby and this wasn’t ‘meant’ to happen, it wasn’t meant to be this way – we understand that.  

But we also know that just because they were not born does not mean that they did not exist or that the loss of them is any less significant.

And we know that we can help you reach a place where you will one day be able to be at peace with your loss.

World Continues Around You

The sorrow and upset you are feeling right now no doubt leaves you confused, angry and scared.

Scared that things are out of your control and scared that something like this could happen again.

It leaves you feeling frozen in the moment while the world continues around you and no-one can see your pain.  

Do You Know What You Would Do If This Pain Doesn't Diminish?

Doesn’t ease up, constantly pulling at you, pricking at your heart.
How would you cope with that – every day, forever?
Could you cope with that?


We know that processing your grief so that you can feel different to this, feel better, is so important. Even though it may seem hard now, if you don’t take action, if you don’t allow us to help you, that could be your reality always.

Introducing Our Understanding Miscarriage Resources

Our resources are unique – but what are they? Let me explain what's on offer.


These resources include videos, fact sheets, answers to frequently asked questions and real stories of real parents who have suffered a trauma of a miscarriage. At Children of Jannah, we see parents every day who have lost a child through miscarriage. We want to help by giving them the support and understanding that they need, in a way that is unique to the loss of a miscarried baby.  We decided to take action and bring you all the resources in one portal so that you can find what you need easily.

Lifetime Access

You’ll have Lifetime Access to the Membership portal - meaning you can access the resources whenever and wherever you like.

24/7 Availability

You'll get 24-hour access to the members area, 7 days a week on any device to have the piece of mind you crave.

Training Videos

You’ll get access to Training Videos on understanding miscarriage so that you can understand what a miscarriage is and why the loss you have suffered is significant.

Downloadable Factsheets

You’ll be able to download Factsheets on Understanding Miscarriage, available to read at your convenience, in your time.

Real Stories

You can view real stories from real parents who have experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage - this can help to break the feeling of isolation you may feeling and that is felt by so many parents.

Private Forum

You’ll have access to a Private Parents Online Group with parents who have suffered miscarriage so you don't have to suffer in silence anymore.

Exclusive Community

Our exclusive community means you can get support from other parents from around the world in a similar situation to yours.

FAQs Hub

You'll be able to access our ever-increasing hub of FAQs, answered by scholars and specialists in the area of child bereavement.

Understanding miscarriage isn’t easy but with our help, you can begin to find joy in life again and move beyond the pain. All you need to do is take the first step by clicking the button on this page to begin your journey of healing your broken heart.

You may be wondering why our resources are so beneficial. I can tell you it’s because we speak openly about what it is like to have suffered the loss of miscarriage.  In addition, we will help you to learn why some of the things you may be feeling or the things that may have been said to you are incorrect – so you do not have to grieve in silence anymore.

We can help you understand that you are a parent and that the grief you are feeling is normal, natural and that you can begin one day to have a life again after this tragic loss.

I often hear: “I don’t want to talk about it, I just want to forget it happened” But the reality is that, as hard as we know it is, you do need to talk about it, you do need to fully accept that it happened and you do need to find a way to move forward  - and we can help.
So please, do take advantage of our Understanding Miscarriage resources by clicking the button on this page. This is the support that you need, this is the understanding that you have been looking for and this is why you are listening to me today.
If you want to be able to understand the storm of emotions you are feeling right now and how to process and move through your grief, this is the time to take action.
Our Understanding Miscarriage resources will help you to understand your experience. They will help you to learn about and share your grief without judgement and begin the journey of processing it, a journey you need to make.
I know that when you are ready, you can begin to find a way to get through your grief and grow around it. Because this is something you owe to yourself and your baby, and I know that deep down, you know that you need this too.
So please, click the button and take the first important step.





Understand the tragedy of miscarriage and the emotions that can follow.