Are you struggling to come to terms with the tragic loss of your child?

Does grief overwhelm you, leave you breathless, upset, tired and angry?

Perhaps your heart feels numb, you feel alone or misunderstood.

Would you like to find comfort and peace through your relationship with Allah?

An amazing resource based upon the 99 names of Allah,

Return to Him: Let The Names of Allah Heal Your Heartache 

A shadow in all our lives, loss is something which none of us are immune to. Whether it is the loss of wealth, health, marriage or the death of one close to us, loss and the accompanying grief are both inevitable and unavoidable.

Losing a child is the biggest loss that a person can experience and one which leaves you heart-broken so deeply and so intensely that it can feel as if the whole world has stopped turning.  Anger, frustration, hopelessness and pain can be exhausting and with little reprieve. With your world crumbled, you may seek meaning and answers to why and how this has happened.

When you feel as though you are struggling to keep your head above water, battering waves of grief and heartbreak, reach for Return to Him to be the companion to lift you up once more.

Our beautiful chapter visits the names of Allah in glory, reflecting upon His attributes from a perspective of grief recovery – and providing comfort and peace.

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” - Qur’an, 13:28

Each chapter has been carefully crafted to explore the names of Allah with the turbulent emotions of grief in mind.  Honest and careful consideration of hardship, hopelessness and the blessings and mercy of Allah will take new and deeper meaning, soothing and healing your broken heart.

A Selection of Allah's Beautiful Names

These names and reflections, plus many more, are included in Return To Him

If you are seeking support from your faith and relationship with Allah, take this opportunity to own this stunning, original Children of Jannah publication.


Packed full of wisdom, love and light, this is the perfect companion for your journey or a thoughtful gift for another.

What Is The Theme Of Each Chapter?


Peaceful, soothing and loving, Allah is the Ultimate comfort in our hours of need. Seek shelter in His names with this chapter and feel a sense of comfort and calm as you connect with your Lord once more.


This valuable chapter explores the relationship of the one who submits to Allah and Allah alone for guidance. Learn why His presence is so important in our lives as we tread our journey in this world. Reflecting upon the need to find life after loss, you will discover how to face each day with Him by your side.


The virtue of patience is often mentioned in the Qur’an and is a praise-worthy trait in the one who submits to Allah. This chapter explores the true meaning of patience in times of extreme hardship and loss. Discover how to not only endure the pain of grief but how to manage devastation and alleviate your heartbreak through patience.


Feelings of helplessness and weakness are often experienced by the one who has lost a child. This chapter discusses the reward of the one who perseveres and who remembers their temporary journey in this world. Reflect upon His wondrous names and discover how to persevere.


As your heart is soothed, move on to this chapter discussing the relationship between grief and strength. Facing each day with renewed vigour, our unique book embraces the strength of faith to inspire, motivate and uplift you.


Exploring the relationship between the believer and Allah, Return to Him opens with this chapter exploring the attributes of hope from the One Most High. Bringing light and strength, this motivating chapter will begin your journey by delivering a renewed feeling of hope and purpose.

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