7 Ways To Protect Your Marriage After Miscarriage


The experience of a miscarriage can completely floor a couple and have a devastating impact on a marriage.

Following the excitement and joy of a pregnancy announcement, the stark realisation that a much longed for baby has actually died, whether early or late into pregnancy, can be utterly heartbreaking and place massive stress on a relationship.

The death of any child, at whatever stage of their development is tragic and has a significant impact on a relationship.

Lost dreams and love...


“So, You Don’t Have Any Children…?”


Sometimes one of the hardest things to deal with as part of your grieving process can be uncomfortable or insensitive questions.

No matter how well meaning, when you are trying to cope with the loss of a child, questions from outsiders can cut deep.

Some people ask very personal, unnecessarily nosy questions, such as: 

“Why don’t you have any children?”

Questions like this can sour the conversation, make the situation tense and even sting you when they take you...


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